Hello & Welcome to my Website. My name is Chris Caldon, I am a Freelance Affiliate Marketer, I have created this website to inform people of an excellent income opportunity that anybody can take advantage of.

Please Read Carefully

There are ALOT of opportunities out there and its very easy to get overwhelmed or to suffer from Information overload as you strive to achieve Financial Freedom. I have tried so many different things over the years and have always been looking for something as close to a push button system as I could find, Eventually I stumbled upon a remarkable piece of software called Tweet Adder, In short this software drives traffic to your opportunity, completely on Auto-Pilot, Please read the information to your right.

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  So How Does It Work / Make Money

   In short, Its Twitter Marketing.

Your already thinking "but I tried Twitter, I don't have time for all of that"

This is where it gets interesting.

Many of you may of heard of a piece of software called TweetAdder, It is very easy to overlook this and think its just another application making wild claims, But the claims they make are all fact and this software is pure GOLD!

Let Me Explain How Tweet Adder Works

Its like having your own personal assistant market your product for you 24/7 literally all you have to do is leave it running. 


It Automatically Follows People Everyday Based On Targeted Keywords In Their Tweets, So Lets Say For Example Your Selling Footballs, You Can Follow People Who Say "I Want A Football"

It Automatically Tweets Messages For You At Specified Time Intervals, You Can Easily Load It With Ready Made Tweets To Promote Your Business

It Will Automatically Unfollow People If They Dont Follow You Back Within A Time You Can Specify, So It Is Constantly Building You A Targeted Following And Getting Rid OF The People Who Dont Follow You Back, Keeping Your Followers To Follower Ratio Nice And Even.

It also does so much more and all of the settings can be customized to suit your needs, but if I was to try and describe everything here you will get bored of reading, Its better that I try to keep it simple and let you jump in yourself and witness the Marketing Power that this tool brings.

You dont need to buy it, just go get a copy of the demo, try it out and then make your decision, If your into marketing / promotion this software will literally be a life saver for you, Even if your not, the software makes money for you and who doesn't love making money, especially when it makes it while you sleep.

This Software Can Actually Change Your Financial Life.

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